Laila Holand, focalizer of the Universal language of Light.


– a personal account by Laila Holand, Norway.

One summer evening in 1995, I stood on my veranda and looked up into the star-studded sky in order to find calm and inner peace. I suddenly saw the sky “transform” itself. The entire sky seemed to become filled with a vibrating tennis net pattern in a light blue colour. I then called out to my ex-husband and encouraged him to come out to study this fantastic phenomenon. He came and stared up at the sky and said: “Where?” I then pointed and replied: “There … don’t you see it?” It vibrated intensely and covered large sections of the sky. He just looked at me and said: “I don’t see what you are talking about.” After a while it disappeared and I returned inside to continue with my ordinary tasks.

A few days later I experienced the “phenomenon” again. This time it appeared as quick “flashes” of several symbols, one after the other. I recognised many of them as resembling runes. This time I got a strong inner feeling that began at the back of my head and which then spread as a warm wave throughout my entire body. The Language of Light became – from that day forward – part of my everyday life. I was able to see “the light blue laser-like flashes” every day after it had become dark, and they always appeared in the form of geometric symbols. In the course of a few days I decided to begin sketching some of these symbols. In the period 1995 – 1997 I spent about twenty to forty minutes each week, sitting and focusing on the sky, and sketching thousands of symbols (with the date and exact time of appearance). In later years I have sketched these symbols more sporadically, as I simply no longer see this as a phenomenon but more as a natural part of my self and my daily life.

The symbols come in various forms (some can be numerical, some are from different alphabets, and others seem to be combinations which neither I nor others have seen before). The symbols are always geometrically/mathematically correct and simple in form. None of them resemble artistic design.

I am convinced that these symbols are there (in the sky) all the time, even though I am not able to see them in daylight. (The sky must be fairly dark due to the need for contrasts.) I do not float away into a trance or hallucinatory state, but simply see these symbols with the naked eye.

The Universal Language of Light is, for me, the language that travels through “our Higher Selves” before going further to our feelings, our physical bodies and the mental parts of our being for screening.

After twelve years of experience, I am certain of one thing: concentration upon and working with symbols from the Language of Light will help to expand our consciousness and to heal humans – spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Laila Holand, Norway

Copyright Laila Holand, 2008 – originally published in “Le Paradis” (by Adam Donaldson Powell, 2008).

See examples from the Universal Language of Light as seen by Ms. Holand in the booklet which accompanies “Le Paradis”. Buy “Le Paradis” through or, or order through your local bookstore.

On the pages which follow, you can see the archives of the original channeling of the Universal Language of Light by Laila Holand – here shown to the world for the very first time in its entirety.

These symbols are copyright LAILA HOLAND, Norway.



Photo (of Laila Holand and Adam Donaldson Powell) courtesy of photographer Karunesh Agrawal, India, 2008.